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The Damn Detox Workshop

FREE as part of Okra's Spring Into Spring Celebration!!
($25 Value)

What do you think of when you think about detox? Most of us immediately think of cleanses and the inconvenience or difficulties in completing toxin removal. What if delicious food and The Damn Detox was the answer?

Health Coach, Amanda Gabbert, experienced toxicity first hand. With an overabundance of heavy metals and symptoms that were difficult to diagnose, she tried different diets, hundreds of supplements, dozens of alternative therapies and multiple kinds of testing. This experience showed in its difficulty the level of ease detox could play in others’ lives versus what played out in hers. This inspired her program, The Damn Detox, focused on how detoxing can improve your life without inhibiting it.
Viva Raw also has a variety of detoxifying fasts they specialize in and owner Scott Harris will also be participating in this Workshop with his knowledge, experience and FREE VIVA RAW Samples.

Want to hear more on how these two detox specialists can increase your energy and longevity while providing options for all lifestyles?

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