Get Uncomfortably Happy

Happiness is hard, fear is easy. Most people would assume it’s the opposite. Even in the past, I would look at people who were wildly happy and think ‘they must have a super easy, awesome life.’ The truth is that the majority of people who find genuine joy in almost every moment actually worked their asses off to get there.

I'll Be the Judge of That

For me, living healthy is not just the weight room and veggies, it’s a positive, open perspective. If we can manage to be happy with ourselves and take responsibility for our reactions (which includes a life void of unhealthy judgments), the rest of a healthy lifestyle will follow. What we choose to see in others is a reflection of ourselves...

My Top 3 Favorite Alternate Healing Therapies

Over the past year I have taken the opportunity to experiment with different diets, herbs, supplements and therapies to see what would be most beneficial to my body in the healing process. Here are the top 3 therapies I will continue to use and what benefits I received from them.


SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is referring to the fact that some of those bad bacteria have migrated to the small intestine in the process of them overgrowing. The majority of all the bacteria in the gut are stored in the large intestine and so they are definitely in a place they should not be! This can cause a lot of additional health problems...

Why I Don't Count Calories and Macros

Numbers can create an unhealthy mindset in what should be a health journey. Although these experiences are totally different than the lifestyle I lead today, they did prove a learning experience.

My IUD Story and What Women Should Know About Birth Control

The number of birth control options can feel overwhelming as they range from implants, to IUDs, to the more traditional pills so narrowing down your options by understanding what your body produces is the most straightforward approach.

Advocating for My Health

What if sharing our experiences could save someone else's life? I'm hoping to do so by explaining how the past few months have been extraordinarily tough for me both physically and mentally. It's taken 3 doctors and lots of testing to figure out what was going on in my body.

Epigenetics and Food Allergies in Children

1 in every 13 children under 18 years old experience food allergies.

The Mind's Matter

Making these changes in exposure to create a more positive perspective not only prevents me from stressing out on a regular basis, but the love and understanding I have for others and myself is that much greater.