Spiritual Relationships

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Soulmates, twin flames, karmic partners. These days the spiritual community is using a lot of titles around relationships that come into our life for the purpose of our growth and advancement. Ideally however, on a truly spiritual level, we should be able to detach from the titles of these relationships and focus on ourselves, along with how they are promoting our healing. Regardless as to what words we use to differentiate or compartmentalize what these relationships mean to us, they are all ideally helping us grow as individuals as long as we decide to perceive it as such. I never truly noticed this on a deep enough level, until I found out I had a twin flame. 

Up until a couple years ago I never would have imagined starting a blog post like this nor would I have imagined saying I have a twin flame. After a series of events I was drawn to information about twin flames, not having a clue as to what that was or even heard of it at the time. The more I looked into it the more I understood why I was drawn to a particular relationship and trying to act out by being controlling, codependent and a host of other negative characteristics I was noticing more prevalent in myself. It was as if I was acting nearly obsessed with it, yet being frustrated with the fact that I was, knowing I never typically responded in this way towards relationships. I was even too intense for myself! The energetic draw was so incredible for me as I had already begun my spiritual awakening, that after diving into what it meant to have a twin flame, all the dots became connected. This in conjunction with visions and dreams around the matter was scary initially, but eventually I anticipated them because they aided in my evolution. 

Twin flames are the idea that a soul has split in half before inhabiting the earth. It’s why there is such an intense connection because you’re essentially the other half of the individual. The idea of the journey however, is to find wholeness within and balance the energies because that is when the frequency in the relationship will help in healing the planet and those around them. There is also often a lot of past life karma that will need to be healed as you can carry over some past hurts in this life.

Twin flames usually come together for a short period of time to spiritually provoke healing, and often times go their separate ways to learn about themselves on their own. They however can come back together if they’re meant to be together in this lifetime, or they may come back together and move apart from each other over and over again. They may bump into each other randomly on occasion as well. The reasons being is because there’s something else to learn and they are divinely guided as to when they need to show up in each other’s lives and assist in healing or helping-even if one or either of them is not quite awakened. You’re getting each other there.

The reason I decided to write about the twin flame journey, is because often times we do not see others as mirrors to our own healing. This is the biggest lesson with twin flames and it’s not only been the biggest healing experience in my life, it’s also shown me how I can perceive every social encounter as a way to become a better person. It’s also about unconditional love for ourselves and others, and how that is the basis of healthy relationships, healing and the betterment of society and our world. Often times we feel we are alone or box ourselves into a specific stereotype, but every interaction we have is meant to show us something within. If we truly want to get to co-creating a utopia of our own, we have to increase our level of awareness in this way so we can heal, move forward and manifest. It also allows us to commit to a more soulful purpose in life. 

Relationships in general can be painful, difficult, stressful-but there’s always a balance to any emotional experience showing us what we want and need. As much as my heart went through a roller-coaster in my own journey, I will forever be grateful for the eye-opening experiences on what I needed and wanted to change about myself.

Think about your relationships. Which ones fill you up and why? Which ones don’t and why? Many times the negative words we use to describe those that don’t, are indicators on what we need to heal within ourselves. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to not be quite so effected by negative emotions in general. So once we heal those within ourselves and stop projecting, we can experience more love and positivity, while drawing in healthier fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. 

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