Is Money Abundance?

Well, yes and no. If we see money as the form of energetic exchange it is, then we perceive its value differently. In the material world, if we see money as something independent and solely as a tool for purchases, then we deceive ourselves in how we can associate money in an abundance mindset.


Let’s break it down-money as energy and money as dolla billz. Money as energy allows us to create a broader perception as to how we can give and receive it. For example, if I energetically give love to someone through action, and they gift me something later, just because my action of love did not cost me anything, does not mean that energetically I will receive in the same way. Offering love and service to others with a positive intention, can also show back up in our lives through receiving value in the form of money. Energy in, energy out-one form of the energy being associated with material value and money. 

When we see money as simply money, we put pressure on ourselves and the world around us and often times begin to disconnect with the purpose and intention for which we are using it. How we use money is very important in order to maintain a positive perception and abundant mindset. It’s not about the ‘money’, but it is about the feeling that money energetically creates. If purchasing something makes me feel joyous, secure, and nurtured, then knowing this and being grateful for it will allow for more money to come into my life so I can maintain this feeling that’s high vibrational. If I begin to look at the scarcity of money, and only see it as a thing to pay my bills, that there is never enough, and it’s hard to make, I will begin to create more of this cycle and also a level of undeserving-ness due to seeing money as ‘less than’ in the wide variety of energies to exchange.

When it comes to changing the framework of our minds to accept that money is energy, and the feelings we associate with it are more important, it can take time and a lot of trust. Most of us get caught in the hustle and focus on how hard we have to try to make money and how much we need it to survive. True, there is a level of needing it for items related to survival like food and housing-but when we begin to focus on a more positive outlook and the feel good feelings behind even those items we need to survive, it can come to our healthy vibration more easily. Logically, this can be one of those ideas that seems hard to let go of and may take some time, but by continuing to focus on the good and knowing the universe will always provide, we can embrace what’s coming to us and exists in our reality. Open up your arms and receive!

Your Reflection: What’s your perception of money and what words do you use to describe it? Why do you spend money on the things you do? Is it necessity, status, joy? If any of the words above are negative or preventing you from all the feels to attract abundance, how can you change the story to raise your vibration?

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