A New Cycle

I have felt incredibly stumped lately when it comes to blogging. I’ve had a number of experiences which made me question whether or not I change my content completely, or try to force cohesive posts and slowly transition it. I title this ‘A New Cycle,’ because this posts symbolizes one for me, as life in general goes in cycles. Today I’m writing more about how I would like to begin expressing some of my accumulating spiritual experiences and blending them with the previous types of blogs so I can be more authentically me.

We all change, right? I will say that change is the epitome of the last couple years for me. Even the past 6 months. Hell, the last week! As my spiritual awakening manifested itself in the physical form these past couple years, I would be lying if I said it was an easy transition. I’m trying to allow myself the ability to feel and appreciate the good with the bad emotions to balance myself, and these past 2 years have been admittedly fucking painful. I honestly never thought I had the ability to persevere in this way and although I am incredibly proud of myself, at the same time it’s been a process to detach from the pain and what was, in order to begin a completely new chapter in my life. One of the most difficult parts on this journey as well, is it can be lonely. Not a lot of people understand fully unless they’ve gone through it themselves. Although I consider myself lucky to course correct in my early 30’s, let’s just say, most people my age have not yet gone through an awakening. So in a lot of these experiences, I had to learn how to support myself through them, and dig deep in finding the right support when I needed it. We can also say that we always have a decision, and there’s a level of self-acceptance that needed to occur within me to feel comfortable enough in reaching out to others regarding this ‘healer’s’ path, too.

The path to energy healing is by far an interesting one. As I do believe we decide what lessons we want to learn before inhabiting this life, my soul chose to go through an extreme healing experience early on so I could break karmic cycles from this life, the past and generational experiences. None of this is meant to scare anyone away from energy healing either. Healers come in with let’s say a lot more ‘baggage’ so we can understand the subject matter we will work through with others. In referring to past lives, I have also seen (I spy with my third eye) and felt the blend of my Christian upbringing and how there is much more out there rather than the divides we create as humans. Most energy healers begin to resonate with a specific Ascended Master (referring to a spiritual leader who became enlightened before they passed on), and for me it’s Jesus. One of the many things I would like to vulnerably put out on the World Wide Web, are these interactions I’ve had. I don’t feel there’s enough people out there talking about this even though many are encountering it. This and future blogs will hopefully be a way I can ensure readers that they’re not the only one, and many of us living very normal lives have what some would call very abnormal experiences. It can often feel like a struggle in the blessing to stay grounded in the physical world once you become introduced to this, too. But it doesn’t have to be.

The only thing abnormal, is that we are generally not taking full on advantage of the powers we each individually have to tap into this spirituality for guidance. I am in full on surrender, and the more I resist what the spiritual world is asking of me in serving the population and my soul purpose, the frustration begins to show up in my own life to get me to go within. This can be in the form of a series of interesting events, such as spilling something all over the place, dropping my phone and cracking it, followed by choking on my breakfast. Some days, its just the mere agitation and indecisiveness within myself. Topics discussing spirituality, how it connects to physical and emotional health and healing, as well as having faith and a blind trust in the unknown, are experiences I would like to convey along with what I’ve done to work through them. On top of it, topics like astrology, numerology and spirit guides have become the repetitive searches in my YouTube account, and these phenomena are important to me on this journey as well.

looking up to the sky.JPG

Committing to a spiritual journey can definitely have its ups and downs. The beauty is, every breath, taste, connection, smell, thought, manifestation or meditation where Jesus comes to you (get ready for it!), is worth it on the other side. I’ve done so much physical, emotional and spiritual healing that on the other side of pain, I feel more alive, loving and freer than I ever have. Whether it’s inner child work, Reiki, Shamanic healing, theta healing, etc., opening up the energy field and the power of thought and intuitive feeling is extraordinary. I hope in the future, I can inspire you through text to share your own experiences publicly somehow, or have an inquisitive mind around a new idea or spiritual philosophy.