Trust Your Gut ‘Feeling’

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Why is intuition the key to a healthy lifestyle? The Damn Detox does focus on detoxification, however the reason for detoxification has a bigger component. When we have toxins build up in our body, whether it be physical, emotional or energetic, we cannot be in tune with what our body is trying to tell us it needs. How many times have you had a ‘feeling’ about a situation and ignored it, and then afterword’s that situation turned out for the worse? Chances are that particular initial feeling was tightness and resistance in the body, versus excitement and joy. This same theory on trusting your gut ‘feeling’ can be applied to every component to a healthy life, including diet, exercise and self-care practices best fit for you.

First and foremost, we have to build a healthy relationship with ourself and others to really feel fulfilled. On an emotional level, if we are craving specific needs, wants, attention or confirmation from others, we have to look within to really understand why. The relationship that we have with ourself, vibrates in a way that it attracts the outside environment. For example, if you believe you are ‘not enough’ as you are, then you will begin to attract the people that will confirm that for you on the outside. So, if you do feel this way, then by taking time to understand where that comes from and how to heal it, you will not only feel more at peace with yourself, everything around you will begin to fall into place as well. Your environment (including external relationships) will improve, confirming the happiness factor versus the lack, hence increasing your joy to bring more powerful changes into your life.

This is why keeping your thoughts positive in the process and seeing the opportunity for growth in situations similar to this is incredibly important. Anything negative that comes up is supposed to be felt so it’s not trapped in the body, but let the emotions out, and do your best to get back into alignment with what you do want, so it can more easily come to you. Now that you’ve begun to align with the inner ‘feeling’ that best supports you, and the environment that you want to attract to you, you are powerfully manifesting everything of your heart’s deepest desires. Well that’s freaking great, right? So now how do we continue to move forward with intuition in the way we live a physically healthy life.

Next on the docket would be foods. Just like we can trust our gut when it comes to situations, we can also trust our gut in telling us what we need on a micro-nutrient level. Many times, people believe cravings are simply another way to shame ourselves for wanting to eat something that’s unhealthy. However, cravings are a wonderful thing! For some of us, even if we are craving healthy foods on a regular basis, it can be indicative that we’re not getting enough of something in our diet and the body is needing it to function properly.

Regardless if it’s ice cream or squash, if you are craving a food or feeling that intuitive ‘feeling’ in being drawn to it,  you may need a little something extra. Many versions of squash have lots of vitamin a and glutamine for instance. This could actually be the reason that you’re eating so much of it-because your body is needing more of these micro-nutrients. If you supplement accordingly, not only would you save yourself the excessive intake of squash, you would also feel more satiated knowing your body is content with everything that it needs to go about its day. (For more food swaps, check out this blog.)

Movement can be applied to the same theory. So many of us ‘feel’ that we need to do a specific activity because of the fact we see another person who looks good and they’re also doing it. But yet in trying to do the same, we ‘feel’ stressed, frustrated, irritated and then give up, since we really didn’t resonate with it to begin with. As a society, we’ve been to focus on health as an aesthetic value, versus what it’s actually doing for us internally. Want to make up for the excessive amount of calories you just consumed over the weekend? Go do a 90-minute boot camp. That’s not the answer for everyone and it can actually be very contradictory causing things like adrenal fatigue (check out my quote in Be Well) and many other health issues down the line.

It’s important to understand and trust our bodies when it is ready to move and what kind of movement it needs. Tap into that feel good ‘feeling’ again. It’s also important to know when it doesn’t need to move and when it needs rest. Rest for me, has been a huge theme this past few months. I’ve always been the person in the past with the ‘go big or go home persona’. There is a level of that which is excellent for motivational reasons, however at the same time, the excessive need to do something and having to fix something is what needed to be recognized in order to really tune in to my body. I’ve been able to maintain, and I actually feel happier now that I have more time and energy for other things while cutting back my workouts, listening to what I need each day I wake.

Healthy living can seem hard to truly adapt it to our own personality and lifestyle‘s these days with all the influences around us. At the end of the day, the only persons’ happiness that we really oversee is our own, by ‘feeling’ what it takes to get there. Sometimes it can be a bit of a lonely process in the sense that there might need to be some hard changes that occur in your life to get to the inner you. Know that by digging into this, there is going to be a more beautiful and fruitful future unfold in front of you.

Intuition is not just going about your day trusting your gut- it’s more than that. It’s life-changing. It’s eye-opening. It’s a way of living with your heart that seems impossible in the beginning, but the small steps you take each day to get there [insert ‘What About Bob’ reference here], creates the most rewarding journey leading to your dreams becoming reality. Trust it. Love it. Love yourself. Put yourself first. And trust your gut ‘feeling’.

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