Walking Bacteria

Sounds delightful-doesn’t it? Although it’s not something we want to acknowledge outside of gut bacteria, the statement proves true. We have 10 times more bacteria in our body than we do cells. They are one of the most basic forms of life on this planet and they have a huge impact on our health.

Everything about our world is symbiotic in nature. As humans, we often times operate from a place of thinking we are ‘all that and a bag of chips’, and the most important form of life on Mother Earth. True, we do ‘run the world’ in a sense, but we have forgotten that we too are part of the symbiotic component. The microbiome, or gut bacteria profile, is over 70% of our immune system, but we have bacteria in every part of our body-skin, eyes, lungs.... if we were to stop hyper-focusing on just the gut, we could see that most illness and disease is caused by bacteria and parasites in general.  

Regardless as to how well you eat and how clean you are (which are both important), we can be exposed to bacteria and parasites on a daily basis. Personally I love going barefoot, but this is an excellent way to pick things up from the ground. Shaking the wrong persons’ hand can even spread something that won’t set well with our body! Many times, a bacteria that’s good for one person, may not be good for another. It’s not to say then in the case of a casual exchange of hands that someone avoided washing them. 

So how do we keep these in balance in order to prevent sickness, and keep up with the Jones’? I believe everyone should do a bacterial or parasite cleanse. We may not want to think we have imbalances or are carrying critters, but mother’s carry these as well and pass it through the placenta. Therefore many people can become acquainted with having negative strains or parasites in the body without knowing it, sometimes for most of their life. Just like being used to a specific diet of junk food becomes normal for the body until you cut it out, symptoms may not be identifiable until you cleanse. Our body will maintain its integrity and adjust regardless as to what’s good or bad, but overtime it can begin to show more extreme symptoms. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Usually these cleanses will contain amazing herbs and natural sources like wormwood, black walnut, clove, garlic, thyme, oregano and pumpkin seed. Doing something like this for the length of the cleanse is essential, and then incorporating it in your routine as maintenance a few days a week should support the long-term. 

On the other side of this, taking a prebiotic or probiotic to build up the immune system will support the healthier bacteria in staying put. One of our biggest detriments to depletion of good bacteria today, are antibiotics. They kill off everything, making it more difficult to recuperate and most people then have the same type of infections they were treating initially, incessantly for most of their life. I personally believe if you have not had to take many antibiotics or prescribed antibacterials, prebiotics are the way to go. We all have a unique thumbprint of bacteria, and prebiotics will help what is still there to flourish, encouraging your natural bacteria profile that was meant to exist. 

We give our pets heart worm on a monthly basis, yet we do nothing to support our own resistance to what’s lurking in the world. Negative bacterial strains and parasites produce byproducts in the body that cause inflammation and have been linked to many autoimmune diseases, digestive ailments, mental health problems, cancers and more. They feed on toxins which we take in regularly from our environment, foods, skincare and even water. It’s important for everyone to rule these out, especially for those of us already producing symptoms. It’s also not just about us anymore, it’s looking to the future generations as we pass these along. What are you doing to maintain your bug free zone?