Why The Damn Detox?


Do you have symptoms with no solutions? Toxins bombard our everyday life and it’s no longer a matter of if we have toxic build-up, but how much. Many people struggle with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, food allergies, autoimmune, hormone balances and so much more with no answer as to why. What if detoxing could restore your energy and help you get back the person you know and love?

I personally suffered from heavy metal toxicity and a rush of other toxins. It took a few doctors to determine this was even the cause. There were many detoxification practices I had to complete, and I learned about hundreds of supplements, alternative practices and testing possibilities along the way. My own research and understanding of what my body needed uniquely, allowed me to advocate for my health and see where things could improve for others.

Although my negative experience caused a lot of health issues and frustration, it along with my Health Coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition bred a passion in preventing this for others. My program, The Damn Detox, offers solutions to improve health and well-being, while working on personal goals and lifestyle changes that create longevity.

So what should you expect if detoxing can be made easy? First, diet can control a lot! The issue with this is often times we feel restricted versus satisfied when incorporating new eating habits. Introducing new foods, slowly but surely will allow success, along with analyzing cravings so we recognize what your body needs on an individual basis rather than look to an existing diet fad.

Next, we would discuss types of movement that you enjoy versus it feeling forced. In many situations we make decisions based on what's going on around us instead of getting in touch with what truly makes us happy, especially in the case of exercise. Reviewing personal goals and understanding how to better connect with our bodies can help us reach those goals quickly, and create routines that stay rather than ebb and flow.

Mindset, self-care and spirituality all play a role in building our perspectives and connecting to our hearts. When we create consistency in these areas, we often times will detox other areas of our life. Whether it be negative relationships or perspectives, jobs or other materialistic influences, these things can often steal our happiness unknowingly. Taking better care of the body and integrating mindful routines will allow us to detox these aspects so we can start attracting the life we envision for ourselves.

Supplements, therapies and testing have a place in detox as well. I recommend everyone add some supplementation in initially to make sure parasites and bad bacteria strains are not responsible for negative eating habits. It's amazing how they can contribute on a biological level! As we continue on with foods, movement and self-care, we can better decipher where further supplementation and alternative practices fit into your lifestyle.

Offering experience and accountability, as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer I support you in reaching your goals and offer a place for your voice to be heard. With considerate recommendations and the proper guidance, we can develop long-lasting habits and happiness.  Ready to improve your body and your soul? Let’s Detox.


For more information on The Damn Detox or a free consultation, contact me.