Keep Calm and Holiday

stressed santa.jpeg

With the holidays upon us, stress can be inevitable! So many things to do, places to go and people to see. The rush does not have to feel as such. How can we make the increase in business this time year more enjoyable, with less physical symptoms of stress? Here are a list of tips and practices you can incorporate into your day to day, so even the to do list brings you some holiday cheer.

1) Fill Up Your Solo Cup

  • Take some time for you! Schedule 15 minutes a day in your phone to incorporate an opportunity to reflect and connect with yourself through gratitude practice, deep breathing, meditation and or journaling. Set your intentions each morning on what you want from the day.

  • Ask for help! We tend to take on so many tasks in order to keep steaming ahead. Sometimes we have to acknowledge the blinders we put on due to thinking about everything that we believe has to happen. We all have people in our lives that are willing to help us and support us, but asking and dividing tasks can take a lot off of our plate, allowing us some space to slow down.

  • Money can also add to the anxiety with gifts and celebrations we contribute to, so reflect on it as well and examine why you feel you have to spend it. Is it truly making you happy to spend it in that way? If so, how can you budget appropriately?

2) Re-frame Your Food

  • Rather than assuming we will be exposed to unhealthy foods at the holidays and expecting to gain weight or lose our routine, take control by finding healthy creative recipes. There are so many that taste great! Bring your own dish to a party so you know you will have something to eat and can feel a part of the group, or host your own and build the whole menu!

  • Utilize food prep services around the holidays so you always have something healthy in the fridge and minimize cooking time. This can give you the space to do other things if need be, and there are so many choices in companies available that cost efficiency can be easily met.

  • Keep snacks in the car or in a bag. Jerky bars, pumpkin seeds, nuts, protein bars and boiled eggs are easy grab and go items that will satiate us on the fly while we run our errands. This will prevent us from binge eating later in the day, when an extreme appetite can hit if we forgot to eat because we were too busy earlier.

3) Get a Move On

  •   Build exercise into your routine. Increasing endorphins and blood flow will improve mood and energy level. Even 15 minutes of movement is something!

  • If you don’t have time to go to gym, incorporate basic HIIT or bodyweight movements at home. Schedule this on your calendar, too. If our workouts can’t look the same in a busy time of year, we can still stay fit rather than focusing on how it compares to what we are used to doing.

What’s your favorite way to stay centered during the holiday season?