Ever Lovin' Liver


The liver is the second largest organ in the body, with the skin coming in first place. With over 500 biochemical exchanges and responsibilities, you can only imagine how important it is to support our liver for detoxification and optimum health. How can we do this on a daily basis without feeling like it’s an inconvenience to our lifestyles?

First, supporting the liver with whole foods such as beets, artichokes, turmeric and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc.) should be a priority. This will allow the liver to properly create bile and support its ability to cleanse the blood. Eating liver once a week or taking a bovine liver supplement is also a great way to offer support since this provides minerals and nutrients that our livers' are comprised of, which can improve tissue repair and overall functioning. Liver congestion and fatty liver are very common in today's society with the quality of food available to us, so prioritizing liver health to prevent scarring and damage is incredibly important!

Limiting alcohol intake is supportive as well since the liver takes 4 days to recover from drinking. It can only process one ounce of alcohol and hour, so if you are planning on a late night, pacing yourself and talking some activated charcoal in between drinks helps the body remove any negative byproducts. Substituting some adult beverages with dandelion tea in the evening would be even better! Dandelion also helps detox and cleanse, especially for those that may have trouble with high sulphur content in crucifers.

Another great way to clear the liver and gallbladder of any build up or stones, is with The Amazing Liver Gallbladder Flush. This is definitely an option if people have committed to healthy eating and supplementation, however, this flush needs to be done monthly until stones are cleared and should be prepped and followed by bacteria and parasite cleansing. Dr. Group who is referenced in the article linked above actually offers a supplemental regimen that gives you step by step guidance. Doing something this detoxifying and extreme is a great step, but doing it out of the blue and being inconsistent can cause some serious health issues. It was one learning experience of mine that contributed to my toxicity and healing process.

Emotionally, the liver and gallbladder relate to anger and resentment. One of my favorite reference books is Heal Your Body A-Z. Keeping a reference like this on hand is helpful in recognizing emotions that we could be too ‘busy’ to identify. When doing everything we can with diet, exercise and cleanses no longer makes a difference, yet still we carry physical manifestations, emotions may be what resonates with us more. Energy healing and other alternative practices can also help open up that field so we are able to pull out some of the emotions we tend to sweep under the rug.

Whatever methods you decide to apply to your life, supporting your liver can add quality, longevity and keep the rest of the systems on track in balancing hormones, digestion and much more. How are you loving your liver?

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