My Top 3 Favorite Alternate Healing Therapies

Natural or Holistic healthcare can encompass a variety of options. Anything from essential oils, Chinese Medicine, nutritional therapy, detoxification, energy healing, and the list goes on. Over the past year I have taken the opportunity to experiment with different diets, herbs, supplements and therapies to see what would be most beneficial to my body in the healing process. Here are the top 3 therapies I will continue to use and what benefits I received from them.

1)PEMF- This stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. This is a non-invasive treatment that emits an electromagnetic field (charged energy) symbiotic to the energy field that the Earth provides. It’s been shown that our bodies, even on a cellular level, mimic a similar field and the energy exchanges that occur in our body our effecting us by altering our chemical reactions. We are basically walking chemical reactions since they drive everything happening inside of us and control our every move and thought, so you can see why this might help in creating balance within our bodies. An imbalance is what will then lead to disease, inflammation, altered metabolisms, etc. This theory has even been tested by NASA and used on Astronauts as well.

I notice an immediate difference as I participate in PEMF. When people think ‘electromagnetic’ they often associate a pain or shock. You will feel some twitching and a potential shock sensation, but it should not cause any discomfort.  After a few treatments, I can tell my digestion, energy level and sleep are much better. Although each person would be treated differently, this is a great option or add-on only costing about $65 a session. I go to Hurley Wellness Center outside of Charlotte in Kannapolis. They have a variety of detoxification and energy based services so you can test out some other therapies while you are there, too.


2)Cryotherapy- Who wants to sit in an ice bath for 10 minutes? Not me! I resorted to freezing my skin for 3 minutes instead. Exposure to extreme cold such as the -200 degrees (or colder) Fahrenheit in a Cryotherapy chamber has been shown to provide many health benefits from personal experiences posted on the world wide web. Although few strong studies out there making it somewhat controversial like many alternate therapies, I personally noticed a difference in energy levels, digestion and muscle fatigue. Due to the bodies fight or flight response, it is said that under the extreme temperature change, your brain chemistry adapts as blood flow constricts. This affects many of our biological systems, including the nervous system, endocrine system, digestion, immune response, metabolism and so on. The most frequent articles are written on post-exercise recovery, and how cryotherapy can speed it up especially for athletes to return to work more quickly. Others have reported changes in inflammation, pain, neurological disorders and healing. It cost me $59 a session at Restore Cryotherapy in Charlotte or you can buy packages. Cryotherapy is able to be isolated to specific areas for treatment if you prefer this over full body.

3)Acupuncture- As a Chinese Medicine practice, Acupuncture is thought to help in the flow of energy channels throughout the body. When these channels or ‘meridian’ lines are stimulated through the pressure of tiny needles, the energy can flow freely and improve health conditions that might be the result of disrupted energy. In Western medicine, there are multiple theories but consistently it’s believed to be exciting the neural pathways somehow to release hormones or possibly growth factors to tend to the body and regulate it. Everyone is treated based on what ails them. For instance, if you are not breaking down fats properly and you know it has to do with your gallbladder, the acupuncturist would focus on the gallbladder meridian line. I’ve come in with only symptoms before as well and with my practitioner’s help we decided what might be the causation and treated it accordingly. I’ve specifically used acupuncture as a way to treat my nervous system and gut motility and I have seen great results. It can depend on the reason for treatment, but sometimes consecutive treatments are needed until the body starts to adapt on its own. I pay $70 a session and go to Mr. Acupuncture locally.

If your body is anything like mine, it gets accustomed to things easily and sometimes trying different options is a great way to not only mix it up for your own sanity but get the best results out of a physical response. I like these three treatments most because you can use them independently or together, they can assist with a variety of issues and the price point is reasonable for most when comparing it to today’s medical office copays. As with any physician, make sure you communicate with the practitioner existing health conditions because not everyone is cleared for some of these therapies and you may respond differently than I did. Also make sure to notice how you feel after and how long results last. There could be a deeper issue that needs to be addressed if what you are attempting to improve is not improving, so additional care may be required. Although alternate forms of healing are still questioned, I believe it has a lot to do with what is typically promoted and how we are educated in treating our own health. Be sure to research for yourself in making decisions and have an open mind. Have you tried any alternative therapies? What results did you see?