5 Tips for Making the Week Feel Like a Weekend

Ugh! Monday again. Or is it? We have a tendency to categorize the week and weekend in completely different buckets. The week-it's hard, frustrating, some days daunting and definitely harder to get out of bed. It's full of work tasks and constant stress with little time to sit still. The weekend- exciting, social, bright and full of possibilities. This is the time we associate with freedom and catching up on tasks around the house.

Do we really need to think of it this way? Sometimes my stress is simply caused by the perspective that what is to come during the week is going to be hard. I decided to start viewing everyday as the freedom and fun we typically confuse as 'the weekend'. Here's how I'm changing this:

1) Cook a big beautiful breakfast. I love to cook, especially breakfast foods. Luckily I am a morning person and already rise and shine before the sun, but at least one morning a week I take the time to focus on cooking. It makes me feel like I have a 'brunch' to look forward to. I usually try to hang out in my pajamas a little longer, too. Invite some friends over and have a breakfast club!

2) Listen to music while I get ready. I normally listen to music all weekend long and it keeps me calm and light. During the week I occasionally catch the news in the morning and although informative, it is often negative and dark. I try to turn up my tunes in the shower and my brain then associates everyday as a music day, not just Saturday and Sunday.

3) Get outside during the day. It's easy to default to remaining still at our desks or in my case, the car. Take a moment to walk or sit outside. Schedule it on your calendar if you have to. A quick flow of oxygen and Vitamin D will give you some much needed energy. Vitamin D is directly related to mood so if the day is going rough, you definitely need some sun!

4) Treat myself. Unlike 'Parks and Rec', I try to do this everyday. Whether it's stopping for a cappuccino, getting a massage, a hot bath or deciding to put off chores a few days so I can relax for an evening. My long term mental health is a priority versus short term stress.

5) Date night. Choose a night to socialize with the people you love. It could be a close friend, family member or significant other. Relationships and love are what life is about, so be sure to take the time to connect with them.

What do you associate with the weekend that you could integrate in your week?