Christmas Brunch

I cannot believe as I am typing right now that the date is showing up as December 13th! This has been quite the year for me and one of the many things I love about the holidays is spending time with the people I LOVE. I used to be someone who's primary love language was gifting (to others), but my experiences have changed that to quality time and both my heart and my wallet could not be more appreciative of that during this season :) What better way to spread some cheer and utilize quality time than a Christmas brunch with friends?  Funny shirts and ugly sweaters were permitted and encouraged!

One of the struggles around the holidays is food choices. For me, I am pretty restricted right now and I also love to share healthy recipes with those close to me to prove it can be delicious! After perusing Pinterest which is my go to recipe finder, I found a Turkey Apple Breakfast Hash for the main dish which is AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) friendly. I personally typically go without gluten and dairy, however a couple of friends have food allergies as well and I love being creative and able to make everyone feel welcome when it comes to food options. Having allergies can really isolate us foodies making it difficult to eat out and participate in the festivities. 

Brunch_Turkey Hash.jpeg


Next on the docket were Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins! I made one batch with flax eggs and one batch with regular eggs so everyone had an option. I actually prefer to use flax eggs as much as possible to watch my animal protein intake and create some variety in my diet. Lots of great Omegas in flax! If you ever want to give this a shot, it's 1 tablespoon of milled flax mixed with 3 tablespoons of water. Always mix this in a cup/bowl at the beginning of a recipe to give it time to gel and then add it in last if you can. On occasion recipes may not hold together quite as well versus egg, however with this muffin recipe it worked great.  Arrowroot powder is also great to help flours stick more with flax.



We also had some contributions for from friends including some AMAZING homemade plantain chips and refried beans, hot cocoa cookies, fruit and of course mimosas and a giant pot of energy most refer to as coffee.  PS-dipping those plantain chips in the refried beans may have been a life changing experience for me. 



Overall, brunch was a success! We had an awesome time in good company as we rocked out to my Pandora Christmas station. If Christmas music isn't your thing, you may possibly be interested in the DJ Suede remake of Rudolph featuring DMX. A friend brought this up and if we hadn't all been completely incapable of moving due to fullness, there could have been potential for a dance party. 

Merry Christmas from team brunch!