Vitamin Dizzle

An orange sounds really good right now! Random? I think not. This is what I keep saying lately, completely driven with a craving of these delicious citrus fruits. Not only did it make me question things because the craving was SO strong, but you hardly ever see me near the oranges in the produce section. As I have weeded foods out of my diet like gluten and dairy over the years, I have become more in tune with my body. It's amazing how the decrease in inflammation and digestive stress can free you up to understand what your body needs. So when I start craving something like an orange which I rarely eat, my antenna raises and I start googling.

First off, I knew that oranges contained Calcium. I also had noticed something else in my body-extreme achiness and pain in my muscles. I normally have some achiness from exercising, but this was a whole new level. I could barely get through my workouts and wanted to cry after driving for work all day. I looked up 'Vitamin deficiency, achy muscles' and  multiple articles on Vitamin D flooded the page.

Vitamin D is essential for Calcium absorption, hence the orange craving. When deficient in Vitamin D, you can experience weakness and fatigue in muscles, achiness and mood swings. My picture should have shown up in the images section. Vitamin D deficiency is becoming a huge problem for many due to lack of sunlight and obesity since fat can store Vitamin D, keeping the body from using it. Learn more from Dr. Axe including food sources and potential diseases caused by this deficiency. Ladies, I also recommend this article for more information on how Vitamin D can effect PMS symptoms. You may just need a vitamin! Yay!Jarrow Supplement Bone-Up

Nearing a Whole Foods that afternoon, I swung in to check out the supplements section. I came across this supplement by Jarrow called Bone-Up. This had everything I needed! Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin C. Yes, Vitamin C which is essential to help the body absorb all of these. It astounds me the chain reaction vitamins and minerals create with one another. Talk with your doctor if you think you could be Vitamin D deficient.

I started feeling amazing and energized the following day! I knocked my yoga class out of the park and felt like I could have gone for hours because I was so excited. What are you craving?