Ballin' on Amelia Island

Guess what? Being healthy is easy! Even when you travel. I wanted to share some great pics from this past weekend in Amelia Island and how I keep it simple and healthy on the road (que Willie Nelson song). To prepare for the trip, I boiled some eggs and put together a simple loaf of zucchini bread. Check out this great recipe from another blogger and lover of everything food. It's quick to put together, paleo and excellent cold if you have a hotel refrigerator. Boom! There's breakfast.

For snacks, I brought apples and almond butter, and made 'energy balls'. Energy balls can be whatever you want! As I've been experimenting with more raw foods to get the optimal nutrition from what I'm eating, these have been simple and so easy to eat in the car driving around for work or travel. Throw what you love in a food processor, like nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, maca, oats, hemp, chia, etc. The trick is to combine these dry ingredients with something that will get them just sticky enough to roll into balls, but not too sticky that they will run together or fall apart. Add-ins such as almond or some kind of nut butter, honey, coconut oil (only a little of this due to heat) or dates work excellent.

Lastly, filtered water can be a real pain to get without purchasing tons of bottled water. I hate using all that plastic, too! Save the earth and your body with this amazing fluoride filtering straw from Pure Water Freedom. It takes a little to get it going when it's first used, but that's normal due to all the junk it's filtering out. It's such a cheap and conserving option. Not to mention easy to travel with!

What's up your sleeve when it comes to traveling healthy?