Healthy Eating to Go

I think we all believe we have busy lifestyles, even if they are of different calibers. This can make it difficult to stay on a healthy food regimen. Being in outside sales, I have to be purposeful about what I eat otherwise too many client dinners can make the waistline feel unkept. Here's a few ways I try to make my life easier and save time in the process when it comes to health:Amanda Gabbert Meal Prep 1.  Meal planning and prepping: Find recipes that are quick and easy. If you can't prep it all in one day, the crock-pot is a lifesaver! Have the ingredients set aside for the morning, throw it in before you head to work and dinner will be ready when you get home. Then you can focus on what lunches and snacks to have ready ahead of time and cut your prepping load down for the weekends. Grab lots of packable plastic containers at the store so you can  pre-portion your meals. Make it fun by searching Pinterest and find new recipes with ingredients you haven't tried before. Then you can also refer to pins while grocery shopping for the ingredients lists as opposed to writing out a detailed list.

2.  Box it up: I am often tempted with my job because I drive on a regular basis and there are so many fast food stops off the highways. I have a lunch box filled with healthy snacks and a lunch not only to save me time in between meetings and potentially get home earlier, but also to keep my mind and body on track. Being consistent in eating and avoiding a skipped or unhealthy meal helps prevent those binge sessions or sugary indulgences later at night. Get a few ice packs to keep things cool, grab your prepacked food containers and throw in a couple water bottles. You're good to go!

3.  Keep the junk out: Avoid having any kind of junk food in your house if you can help it. We all deserve a cheat meal here and there but by keeping the junk food out, you'll have to work that much harder for it. In my opinion, if I'm willing to go the extra mile (literally) for that chocolate torte, it's meant to be.

Take a look at your everyday routine and see what preparation you can make time for. There's plenty of great healthy snacks out there that don't have to be doctored, so throw those in the lunch box if it saves you time and focus on cooking the larger meals. You may even be saving some dollars in the process by avoiding the office lunch outings, so take a vacation with it!