A Recipe for Passion

Do feel frustrated and possibly lost when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle? I thought I knew what I was doing, but overtime discovered the depth to the meaning of 'health'. I have learned how to make this journey fun, and feel great in the process, but I've had to change my thought process in all avenues- exercise, nutrition and overall wellness. I LOVE FOOD. That's right, it's possible to be passionate about health and food at the same time. Life is an experience, and that includes what we eat Shopping Cart Groceries so there's no reason to sacrifice flavor. What excites me about cooking and even eating out on occasion, is the blending of healthy foods in such a way that they taste as if they're unhealthy. There are so many great alternatives in cooking. What it comes down to is finding out what you crave, and what alternative healthy choice can trick your mind into satisfaction.

I LOVE WORKING OUT. I was always interested in sports, but at a young age weight lifting became a way of life for me. I tend to always want something new in my exercise routines and weight lifting evolved for me overtime to quench that thirst, while adding other exercise varieties in as well. The idea of physically being strong also plays on my mental strength. When I walk out of the gym at 7am, I feel accomplished and ready to take on the day with the best version of me. That feels freakin' good.

I DON'T LOVE FEELING BAD. Holistic was a word I didn't quite understand in its entirety until I experienced continuous subtle health problems. Skin Amanda Gabbert Biking Charlotte irritations, allergies, sinusitis, digestive issues, insomnia and anxiety. Sounds like a blast, right? Well the more I did my own research, the more I realized the body has an amazing ability to heal itself when you give it the proper tools. I believe many of these problems revolved around medicine I had taken long term, but I know I do have a sensitive immune system as well. After cutting out medication and educating myself on the healing properties of what I eat, I feel amazing and see a clarity in the mirror, too.

The body is a work of art, and exercise, food and perspective are the artists. We are all so different, inside and out, and each of us respond uniquely to certain exercises, foods and environments. I find this information beautiful because it molded and brought me where I am today and continues to do so. I hope by sharing my findings and personal experiences, I can give others pieces to integrate in their own journey of health and happiness, and the desire to expand their understanding.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."