Amanda Gabbert About Me

About Me

After years of working in the corporate sales environment, and an extreme bout of toxicity, I realized my true passion was in supporting others to discover their own version of healthy. Five years ago, I was told I may have had an autoimmune disease. Next, my muscles started to chronically ache. For someone who leads an active lifestyle, I was determined to figure out a solution. I had a series of bad relationships as well that I thought I had recovered from in doing a lot of personal development. As more toxins ended up flooding my body through an accumulation of experiences, I began to see how every system relates, including how emotional and energetic toxins can effect our physical health.

Although my experience was terrifying at times, I realized the benefits of detoxing, the proper way to ease it into everyday, and how it can effect the mind, body and the soul. I gained a plethora of knowledge when it comes supplements, testing and alternative therapies. Along with my Health Coaching and Personal Training certifications allowing me to make suggestions in movement, self-care, foods and relationship support, I offer Energy Healing to those interested in detoxing the chakral system as it coincides with physical symptoms. I hope to support you on your journey through my program, The Damn Detox, in order to create a more flexible, balanced, healthy life. Contact me today to gently detox your body, or schedule your free consultation here.